Here are a few testimonials from people who have hired me to edit their book or article.

Adam Rosen, my editor at AMR Editorial, deserves great credit for bringing my book to life. Adam’s care, expertise, and enthusiasm for his craft are evident to those who know and work with him. I think that Adam must have a constant commitment to “better.” His comments, suggestions, and cheerful assistance certainly made my book—The Wolf at the Door—better. I’m in the process of writing a second book for a 2018 release and Adam is my absolute first choice to be the new book’s editor.

—Michael Hackard, Esq., author of The Wolf at the Door: Undue Influence and Elder Financial Abuse

Adam took a manuscript that was written in academic terms and simplified it for the lay reader, without oversimplifying it. He even researched the topic and added information to better explain the subject. I was very impressed with his editing skills.

—Amber Henderson, Managing Editor, Menasha Ridge Press/Wilderness Press/The Unofficial Guides

Adam served as editor for my first book, Southbound Traveler, and I couldn’t be happier with the work he did. From the outset, he understood the tone and narrative voice I was aiming for, and his changes found ways to enhance that voice. His notes also challenged me in all the right ways; where he saw opportunities for the book to be better, more balanced, and more nuanced in its treatment of various subjects, Adam identified them, offered links to useful starting points for relevant research, and pointed out what points of view my blind spots weren’t seeing. Adam’s editing polished the rough edges of Southbound Traveler and really tied the book together.

—James March, author of Southbound Traveler: An Outsider’s Journey to the Heart of SEC Fan Culture

Adam read an early draft of my recent article. He read it quickly. He made a key suggestion which clearly made it better, and provided some good small edits as well. He is easy to talk to, encouraging in a genuine way, and he can offer ideas without unduly insisting that you follow them. I was glad to have his perspective and advice.

—William Bruce, Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina–Asheville and author of the feature “The Forgotten Flyers of Biltmore College”

I am very appreciative to Adam for all his hard work on my project. His evaluation of my work, willingness to make changes to our schedule, and attention to detail set him apart from other editors. Adam is very knowledgable about the book-writing process and answered many questions, whether about actual content or things such as copyright and ISBN. Another thing that set Adam apart was his encouragement and positivity throughout our time working together. Writing a book can be very stressful, but Adam takes the time to point out all the good things about your work.

—Addison Walton, author of From Immigrant Son to Legendary Scout: Nine Decades of Baseball with Al LaMacchia

Adam edited my book, Searching for Oedipus: How I Found Meaning in an Ancient Masterpiece, and he did a terrific job. I’m a first-time author and Adam couldn’t have been a better editor to help guide me through the process. He got my book from the get-go, so from the start I had confidence that his editorial suggestions were based on a solid understanding of what I was trying to say. He made me feel good about my work product, while at the same he never held back in identifying the weak parts and helping me figure out how to improve, or even eliminate, them. His marginal comments were crystal clear (and sometimes funny), and over the course of several rounds we kept up a nice back-and-forth. Adam was always responsive to my questions, and turned things around within the promised deadlines. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would unhesitatingly go back to him with my future projects.

—Ken Glazer, author of Searching for Oedipus: How I Found Meaning in an Ancient Masterpiece (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018)

I worked with Adam on a manuscript for an upcoming book about Ernest Hemingway. I found him to be a competent and thorough editor who has a good sense of what clear and clean writing should be.

—Helena Bachmann, Executive Editor, Simply Charly Books

I hired a content editor expecting some high-level guidance on structure, organisation, and whether the book generally made sense. And I got that. But with Adam, I *also* got an insane level of attention to details like individual word use, potential ambiguities in the language, and a general thoughtfulness about the future reader’s experience when encountering this material for the first time.

To flag up two particularly pleasant surprises, he was (1) flexible and he (2) over-delivered.

Flexible: I use an unusual set of writing tools, and Adam was happy to accommodate my workflow and make it easy for me. If I had a question or concern, we’d quickly find time to hop on a video call and chat through it (and even the 8 hour time difference never seemed to be a problem). When I became unavailable for about 10 days in the middle of the project, he was happy to add a pause in our work so the project didn’t suffer from unnecessarily rigid timelines.

Over-delivered: Beyond the absurd level of detail in his feedback, he also did his entire job *twice*. Having gone through the whole manuscript in great detail a first time, he gave me a bit of time to integrate and dwell on the changes, and then did it *again*. I had expected the second pass to be a quick skim-through with a bit of a “good job” email at the end, but his feedback was—once again—impossibly thorough and wonderfully insightful.

—Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Workshop Survival Guide

Having never worked with a line editor before, I was unsure what to expect. Adam did a fabulous job. His comments were insightful and helped us refine our argument and his careful edits made the manuscript better. I would very much enjoy working with him again and recommend him wholeheartedly.

 Janet Scott, coauthor of The Million Dollar Greeting: Today’s Best Practices for Profit, Customer Retention, and a Happy Workplace